Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things I remember:

The round cookie tin that was always filled with butter cookies and coconut cookies that my Grandma kept hidden in her stove.
How my grandma’s house always smelled of fresh brewed coffee.
The old radio that sat on the little kitchen table that she always had on in the early mornings.
The lipstick ring on her pale yellow cups.
The well used deck of cards that sat on the table.
The sound of her shuffling the cards when she played solitaire.
The cute little cheer she did when she would win.
How she gave me my own deck and taught me how to play.
The strong fresh soap smell in her brightly colored bathroom.
The little metal pin curl clips she used to pin her hair under her transparent bonnet.
The soft bristle brush that sat on the counter.
The special lava soap that my grandmother called “Grandpa’s special soap” (He worked at a service station and would get grease under his nails.)
The distinct sound of her laugh and her slightly raspy voice.
How she would cover her feet with her quilt when she would lay down to watch her shows in the afternoon.
How she would snore quietly as soon as her shows started and wake up just in time for them to end.
The little Snoopy dime holder she kept in the window over the sink, when it was full it was $5, she said she used it for our birthday cards.
When I was really young she was the first person I would see early in the mornings.
She would wake me up and ask me if I planned to sleep all day.
I remember her hands while she was using the clothespins to hang sheets on the lines. She had very graceful hands.
I remember her smell, and how it didn’t change whether I was 8 or 18 (the last time I saw her) It was a mix of fresh coffee and soap and her.

I still remember a lot about her, I only wish I got the chance to know her better.


Marcy said...

Hey I missed My favorite Grandma so much ! I always thinking of her so much Remmy that we were there to play awhile you were living next door by Wheeler's house! I lover her so much ! its good memory of her! love ya!

Deb Hardman said...

She was a good mom & Grandma. I still feel her near me.

Melodie said...

I wish you could have known her better too. I think she'd be proud of you!

Lei Lei said...

Wow, you made me tear. You sure brought back a lot of memories. She was an awesome grandma. She and Grp were my favorites out of 4 sets of grandparents that I had back then. I miss her much! love ya


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