Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cat show!

We went to the Seattle Cat Show today. I managed to escape without bringing any new friends home, but it was hard! I did bring a lot of photos home!
Here are a few of the highlights:


Anonymous said...

I know that you're a catlover, I gave my homepage adress to Jon, about our British Shorthair-cats, Cattery Pipolis! Where there British Shorthair cats on the Seattle catshow? You can also see them on Myspace:

Love the Pipoli's from Belgium!
Greetz, Nathalie

Earl said...

Holy crap! Those are the most adorable in-bred cats I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Lacey:oD Nice cat pics.

MJAPA said...

Nathalie- the cat is so cute! Thanks for the link!
Hi back Lacey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Have you also seen my HP:
Look out for pictures from your Wasabi!?
Wish to Jon a nice flight to the Aussies!

Laura Holland said...

AWWW you have a pic of my Spooky! (the shaved down black Persian in the red sweater) I was showing my other Persian at that show and adopted him that weekend. Sadly, Spooky ended up having Polycystic disease. I lost him eight months later in Oct of 07. I found this pic searching "cat show Seattle" images to see if others posted pics of the recent show. What a nice surprise to see Spooky aka "Fang" as the shelter had him named when you snapped this pic - adorable!

Laura Holland

MJAPA said...

Awww, poor Spooky. Bless his little heart. Th ephoto with him in the sweater was my all time favorite from taht show. He was just such a cutie! I'm sorry for your loss.


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