Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006: I am a butterfly.

2006 was all about the people.

Goodbye to 2006.

If 2006 had a running theme it would be one that was about interpersonal relationships. I learned more about people this last year than I have in the past several years.

It certainly had its ups and downs and moments of definitive pain and sadness but I am happy with how the year is ending. It is ending with me in a place where I know exactly what I need and expect from the people I consider a part of my inner circle and I know what I will and will not tolerate. I feel stronger and more confident than I have in years. I feel like I am coming out of a long sleep or nightmare with the end of this year.

Highlights and lowlights:

- New Years Eve was pretty magical last year. It was the first time in a long time where I thought everything might have a chance at being OK. I celebrated with good friends and good times. The year looked like it was going to be a great one.

- Jeannine and I experimented with some pretty bizarre natural healing things in the beginning of the year. (can you say Colon Hydrotherapy... um let's just not talk about it.) Had several nights of eating frites and looking at cute hipster boys.

- I got lied to and completely screwed over by three of my closest friends. Came to terms with it and will leave all memories good/bad of them behind with 2006. My break up with my best friend was one of my hardest breakups in the history of breakups for me because I really thought we were best friends. It was hard, but it is behind me now.

- Acquired a stalker.

- Spent time with my mom that was really good. Didn't want to leave.

- Had one of the best birthdays I’ve had in years!

- Got to meet Mira in person!!!

-Watched my daughter change from a little girl to a young woman right before my eyes.

-Had some pretty epic and life changing talks.

-Created the Trump Towers of gerbil land.

-Lost three very beloved pets: Xena Mouse, Kodo Gerbil, and Gala Kitty. It was almost as hard for me as losing people, for real.

-Kodo finally had a litter of babies that survived and are now happily carrying on her legacy which makes it easier to deal with the fact she is gone.

-Got into fight with not one, but two boys trying to mistreat my girlfriend. Decided I'm getting too old to be a kneecap buster.

-Went to Los Angeles for the first time and went to my first VIP celebrity filled party. realized it was sort of boring and really not nearly as fun as Seattle.

-I got to know my brother and his wife better. I am looking forward to them being in my life a lot more down the road. They are good people. It is nice being friends with someone who grew up in the same childhood that I did. It makes me feel less alone. I almost forgot that I wasn't alone.

-I spent a LOT of time alone and I discovered the SIMS which is a good and bad thing. Took out a lot of my agressions on The SIMS. If you made me angry in 2006 I probably turned you into a SIM at some point. ;-) Heehee. They are like electronic Voodoo Dolls. I've created a town called New Seattle. Be afraid.

-Watched two women that I hold in the highest regard meet wonderful men and finally get treated with the love and respect I always knew they would find some day. This warms my heart.

- Found out that I am going to be an Aunt. I can hardly wait.

-Discovered I have a great love for photography and hamming it up for the camera.

-I gained 20 and then lost 30 pounds and I am starting 2007 healthier and in better shape than I have been in since 1998. It feels really good and I look and feel years younger than I did even a few months ago. And I am not done getting fit. I am going to take it all the way this time.

-I finally changed my hair color and I discovered that I CAN wear red lipstick after a 30 year ban on it. It was all a matter of confidence which I suddenly have a lot more of.

-Started picking up my guitar again, wrote some really good songs, sang in front of some people I have a lot of respect for and they actually liked what they heard. I now have the confidence to record and bring music back to the forefront of my life. I've come to grips with the fact that I have talent and I should be proud of it and not let the fact that I suffer from stage fright and lack confidence because of a silly expectation of perfection that I put on myself stop me from doing something that brings me the greatest joy. (It didn't hurt that I co-wrote a song on Jon's record that got some really great press this last year. And I didn't just write lyrics on it like a lot of people thought, I wrote the music and words for the versus and Jon wrote the chorus and arranged it.)

-I wrote more this year and got to a point where I am censoring myself less and opening up more which has lead to some of the best writing I've done in my life.

2006 was quite the year. Glad it is over.


Anonymous said...

SIMS...what an amazing game....what an amazing time consumer....I knew I'd had too much of SIMS when I'd lay in bed at night and see little people moving around in my head and little bars above them with their happiness levels.
I knew I really needed help when I started putting SIMS into hedges with no way out, or into the swimming pool and removing the ladder....really sicko. I then searched for a 12 step program to get off SIMS...that was after the 12 step program to get off of ebay.

Michelle Auer said...

Haha! Tell me about it! I once created a SIM and gave her a romance aspiration and then made her mary this really gross SIM taht I created and made her have ten babies. Her meter was so low the doc keot dropping in. I would have given her more babies but she finally snapped so I took her door away... Yeah. I feel you on the whole SIMS thing. :-)
and the ebay thing for that matter...

Thanks for stopping by, it is great hearing from you!

Earl said...

Congratulations on a damn fine year. I hope 2007 is even better!


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