Saturday, September 09, 2006

Can you say no to this face?

First, I would like to thank whoever adopted Rainier who I posted about a few weeks back. The lady at the Petco said someone actually came in looking for him. Hooray! Thank you sweet angel whoever you are!
All week I have been having dreams about the orange kitty. I thought it was because I was worried that he was not going to get adopted. I promised myself I would bring my camera there this weekend and if he were still there I would take his photo and I would post it to try and help find him a home. When I got there, he was gone but Bo Socks (who looks a LOT like Ranier did) was in his place. I asked about Bo Socks and I was told he is a two year old Hurricane Katrina survivor. He is very friendly. He purrs a lot and loves to cuddle. He is SUPER mellow. If you have any interest in adopting Bo Socks you can find him today at:
809 NE 45th St
Seattle, WA 98105
NAME: Bo Socks
ID# 17326
Here are some more sweet photos of him:



Deb Hardman said...

AWwww! He's so cute! I wonder where his family is & why he's no longer with them. I wish I could take him.


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