Monday, August 07, 2006

You're goddamn right it's a beautiful day...

I had a really truly perfect birthday.
By the time I got home at the end of the night I felt totally happy and loved.

After midnight in London I got a call from Mira who sang me happy birthday, I should have known that this would be the start of a great day. :-) Then a flood of messages in my inbox and via Myspace that made my day special.

At work the lovely ladies I work with brought me several bouquets of pretty flowers. By midmorning I looked like I had my own flower shop on my desktop. Near the end of the day I was called into the conference room where there was a super yummy chocolate cake with a candle on it. It took me a while to come up with the perfect wish, but I did.
Then after work the amazing Meggie squeezed me in between appointments and worked her magic giving me my favorite cut and color to date! She also agreed to come out and play with us.

I met up with my Mom, WSF and my daughter for dinner at a sushi place downtown where I was presented with a beautiful purse that my mom and daughter made for me in my colors (red and black) I will have to post photos of it at some point. I love it because it is gorgeous and because they made it for me.

Then I rushed home, changed my clothes and went down to Barca where there were a dozen of my dearest friends all waiting to celebrate with me, by the time we made it over to Neumos for Harvey Danger that dozen turned into around 18 or so. Some people I didn't see until I got to the show just because the place was crowded, but I think I managed to run into everyone by night's end.

During the show Amie, Shauna, Licia, Meggie and I forced our way to the front and got our boogie on like a bunch of twenty somethings. I was only able to pull it off due to the liquid courage called "chocolate martinis" We probably made a few of the normal Seattle shoe-gazers angry with all of the bouncing around, but please. I find it very difficult to listen to a band that has as much bounce as HD without shaking something. The boys put on a truly ass-kicker of a show Friday night as well!

The only hard part of the weekend was waking up early the next morning because I had a wedding to attend. And since it was not just any wedding, but a family wedding for my brother-in-law, I had to be bright eyed for photos. It was a beautiful ceremony, a fun reception with an open bar, and a really funny, stereotypical wedding singer style country club band doing covers including "We are Family" where they asked everybody to get out there and dance...

What a weekend!

Now I just get through the work week and Friday morning I am flying to LA to do it all over again!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you had, what sounds like the ultimate perfect birthday! So cool!
Sound like LA is going to be great as well!!
Have fun!


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