Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We the people...

Someone asked me today why I don't ever write about politics (especially after having been such a little activist when I was younger). I have thought a lot about this.

There are things going on in this world that I am very passionate about. I am a parent, it is my responsibility to care about what is happening to the world.
I do have my view points and I try to keep up on the news, but frankly I don't feel like I know enough to write about it with conviction. I mean, I could go over the general ideas of what I am for or against or who I am voting for and who I am not. But really there are SO many sides to every political issue and people get so emotional about these things I find it draining to debate with people.

Nothing will kill a party faster than two people on opposite sides of a political issue or a religious debate.

I love reading the news blogs written by people who have made their lives writing about politics, and watching the news, and really consuming everything that is put out there that I can get my hands on. But I hate debating something unless I feel like I have all of the information and with most things political I never feel like I have ALL of the information.

So there is my long winded answer.

Now lets talk about Gerbils... or not.


me, myself and I said...

Yay gerbils!

Michelle Auer said...

There are six now. They will need to get their own apartment soon there are so many!


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