Monday, August 14, 2006

Apparently there is no red hair in Hollyweird....

So it is late, and I just returned from the party where I drank many blue drinks served by green ladies (not really, the green ladies were on stage, we actually got outer space ladies wearing little silver mini skirts) and I still have to go pack, catch a plane, and go straight to the office from the airport. Might try to cat nap in there somewhere. I will go into this all in way more detail tomorrow. Here are the highlights from The Shatner Roast (I will write all about the Harvey Danger and Jon Auer shows when I get home) Now my blog is going to go all "dlisted" for a moment:

Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) is BEAUTIFUL in real life, but way shorter than I had expected. She was the only person I met all night who seemed at all down to earth.

Sulu (George Takei) is super sweet and shockingly one of the funniest roasters all night. When I shook hands he said, "You hair is Flaming" and laughed in his adorable and very robot way.

Odo (Rene Auberwhateva) You know the shape shifter guy... he strolled by me with his wife and said, "Your hair is Weeeeeeeeeeird" in his very sing-songy voice that he stresses words like on Boston legal. Nice. I was insulted by Odo. I wanted to ask him if he had looked in a mirror recently. He should not be calling anyone weird.

Nichelle is still stunning as ever. She can't do comedy very well, but I am sure with a lot of editing she will come across OK. She did have that classic hollywood vibe when she walked on stage. She is a class act for sure

and Bill, well he is still Bill.

Kevin Pollak is my hero! He does the best Shatner and is too funny for his own good. He wasn't in the VIP room after though, which made me very sad because I really would have loved to have met him.

Farrah Fawcet is still in fantastic shape but what the hell is going on with her face? It just looked super tight and stretched like a trampoline. She also acted like she was possessed by a cross between Courtney Love and Anna Nicole Smith. She had to have Jason Alexander hold her hand through her roast. She also had her bra strap hanging half way down her arm all night and I just wanted to fix it for her because it was driving me crazy.

Andy Dick is crazy and he licked Carrie Fisher and Farrah and pretty much everyone else he could get his face near. He was acting like a child and really bombed on stage. The director turned off his mic on him at one point.

Jason Alexander is a funny, funny man and very approachable and sweet.

Brian Posehn(the guy from just shoot me and Mr Show) is REALLY tall and he was hanging out at the VIP party with Patton Oswalt who is really short. They looked pretty cute wandering around together. Patton was the last of the VIPs to leave for the night. (Patton was super funny as well)

Greg Giraldo is SUPER sexy in person. I stood next to him at the bar in the VIP room and could not bring myself to speak to him. Too pretty.

Oh and I saw the guy who makes those girls gone wild videos. He was just sort of doing laps of the VIP room and then took off.

I think the most surreal person to be standing next to was Dick Van Patton. I mean holy crap- 8 is enough! It was like seeing my long lost grandpa or something. I just wanted to stick him in my pocket. He was super smiley and sweet.

So I am certain I spelled some names and other things wrong and there are several more people I need to look up their names because I just can't remember it right now. But I am tired and it is late....

Oh and one last thing, this morning on our coffee run I was standing in line behind Toby Ziegler of the West Wing (His real name is Richard but he will always be Toby in my world) :-) I f-ing LOVE that show!

I have to say, after having been to several gigantic rock shows and met all the rock celebs and now a real live Hollywood party, I MUCH prefer the rock crowd. The Hollyweird crowd has no idea how to have a good time. They are silly, silly people.

More when I get back....


Shawn Anderson said...

Sounds like you had fun in LA-LA-Land!

Richard Schiff is the man... I hope he can recover after becoming one with his character for so many seasons.

At least recover better then poor Jason Alexander (and George Takei for that matter!) ;)

Deb Hardman said...

It sounds like a HOOT! to see all those familiar faces in 3-D! When will the roast Air? Dish Network comes in the moring to hook us up!
I hope you get some rest.

Michelle Auer said...

Richard Schiff IS the man! :-)

Mom- I think it airs tomorrow night on Comedy central, but I am not positive.

Shawn Anderson said...

'The Shat' hits the fan this Sunday... August 20th, 10PM EST on Comedy Central.

Shawn Anderson said...

You're lucky you didn't get caught in Andy Dick's 'web' that night, like this poor women did.

Michelle Auer said...

Ewwwwww! I'm really happy I didn't run into him in the VIP room. Sounds awful!


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