Thursday, July 27, 2006

There ain't no cure for love...

Three of my favorite people have to say goodbye to their favorite people in the next 48 hours. There are no promises, no regrets, just life getting in the way of love. It is really bizarre and almost eerie timing that this is all happening at once.

It reminds me of my own life 11 years ago.
I had 14 days.
14 days with this person who I knew I would fall in love with. (Girls always know first)
On the last day when we knew we had to say goodbye
I missed my flight on purpose just so I could put off leaving for one more day.
When we finally parted ways we cried and kissed and said "I will see you then"
I flew home
We didn't talk again for two years.
I missed him every day.
We tried to move on.
We were not real friends again for almost seven years.
Year 8 & 9 life threw us together again as friends and we spent nearly every day together
The end of 9 he almost lost me forever
By year 10 we were married.

So ladies, I know you are sad but remember: It is never goodbye. This is only "I'll see you then"


Bianca Lerche said...

That is so true.. Im living with the love of my life now. Everything became wrong the firt time but i knew i loved him. and just when i thougt i never were going to see him againe. we meat againe cause hi got sick and almost died. We have been together sinse and probably will be for the rest of our life..

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...awww.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so romantical I can hardly stand it. Gives me shivers.

And on a lighter note...Tortise Wiener is the best lipstick color name! I would buy it just for the name! Pretty much the reason why I buy "But Officer."

Anonymous said...

Brown Starfish is fantastically foul! I applaud you!


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