Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Darian caught her first fish!

And it is a record size! The captain said he has never seen a Ling Cod this big before, they are usually under 10-25 lbs. Darian's was almost 70lbs!


Earl said...

Holy smokes! It looks like a monster from the deep!

Anonymous said...

She is a true Alaskan after-all...or has the blood of one! She was born here wasn't she? I can really see her Dad's crooked smile in that picture, but in real life she has the stunning features of mom!
I hope you guys had (or are having) a wonderful visit. Thanks so much for loaning me your husband. What a musical work-aholic! I definitely got my money's worth.
And so good to see you lady! Wish I'd more time to chat with you~
If you get this message, you guys should come by my restaurant before you leave...Istanbul Cafe, in the Qupqugiak Inn near Arctic on 36th.


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