Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What I did on my 3 day weekend...

I went to two movies.
One SIFF film and one blockbuster:

X-Men- I liked it mostly because I like the X-men and I wanted to know what happens next. I didn't walk away with that feeling of "I wasted my money" but I also didn't walk away feeling all charged the way I did after the first one. It was just sorta "eh." I'm glad I saw it in the theatre as I'm guessing it's probably better on the big screen than on the small screen.

Conversations with Other Women- This is one of those movies that I could tell that if you see at certain points in your life the content could really mess with your head.
It was filmed as a split screen which I think really worked in places and really didn't in other places. If I were to re-edit the movie I would not do the split screen in places where the couple would otherwise obviously be in the same shot together, but I would use it when I was trying to convey the images of the past. When the director was using the spilt screen to juxtapose the past and present lovers and compare memories and so on it totally worked. When he used it when the couple were standing in the same shot to make the shot slightly askew, it made me dizzy and I didn't get the vibe that they were connecting as much as I think i would have if they shared a shot.
I liked the content a lot though.
The best part was the lady in the audience who got all offended about the content and waited through the whole movie to tell off the director and then march out. She said that two people would never cheat if they were married, especially if they ran into each other at a wedding.
To which the director replied, "I don't know if you realize this but a lot of people go to weddings to hook up." The crowd laughed she eventually stormed out. Silly woman.

Now on to the DVD's.

Darian and I have been watching a lot of 'Chick Flicks' because Jon has been on tour. She has found a new love for romantic comedy which is dandy for me since I could easily go my life without seeing another Rugrats feature film and be very happy. Some of these were so bad I won't go into it. Reviews in 20 words or less or more...

Duane Hopwood - Ross does drama. Janeane Garofalo is a blonde. Blah blah blah I'm a drunk blah blah blah I am tortured bladitty blah blah... Snoozeville. Skip it

The Ice Harvest- Skip it. Not even John Cusack's dreamy eyes could save this one.

Winter Passing-
Will Ferrel tries out dark. A cute orange kitten drowns. This movie bummed me out big time. Worth renting.

Last Holiday- It was silly & made me laugh, but I don't take myself too seriously. Fun family movie if you ignore the plot holes. Rent it with your kids.

The Family Stone- I think it was only my great love for Sex and the City that allowed me to watch this movie all the way to the end. I'm not ready to see Carrie as a hard ass just yet. It didn't work on so many levels. Skip it.

Rumor Has it...- I'm only happy I rented this movie because the great Shirley MacLaine cracked me up every time she walked on the screen. Too bad it was not often enough to save the movie. Watch it when it comes on cable.

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio- I really liked this but it was truly a chick flick. I could easily see this on the Oxygen channel on a lazy Sunday in the near future. The whole time I wanted to smack Woody Harrelson who played the husband and shake Julianne Moore silly for staying with him. It is interesting mostly because it was based on a true story. I will admit I got a little misty a few times while watching it. Rent it.

And then the NON-kid friendly rentals:

Mysterious Skin- This movie was a dark look at the world of child molestation and how it effects children when they grow up. It made me cry more than once and made my stomach hurt for the rest of the day after I watched it. Rent it if you have a strong enough stomach.

Where the Truth Lies- Wow, this one had some steamy scenes bordering on soft core porn. I figured out the twist in the beginning middle of the movie, but that was all right. Worth renting if only for the steam. I would say wait for cable but basic cable will have to cut all the best parts!



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