Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why I Heart V-Day...

I know a lot of people don't like this very commercial holiday but I love it. Even when I was single or wasting my time in relationships with people I was not in love with, I still loved the day.

It is one of the few holidays I can stomach. It doesn't have the pressure that x-mas or NYE have for me. I like it's simplicity. One person, one gift and all the rest is gravy.

I just like the idea of having one day specifically set aside to celebrate love. I know all of the old arguments, "We should celebrate love EVERY day!" yada yada... Yeah well we SHOULD do a lot of things but we don't so that is why it works to set aside a specific day, so neener!

It is a holiday where you can plan a nice dinner but you are not expected to juggle the 500 other places you need to visit so "everyone is together" There is no stress of picking out gifts for people that you know they will hate, or running out of money because of buying things for so many people. For me it is a holiday just as contrived as all other holidays without all of the added stress. I dig that. I also dig the fact that you can get chocolate for the week following for next to nothing on 75% off close out!

If I had to vote I would get rid of Christmas and Thanksgiving and keep V-Day and Birthdays. (But I would keep the paid days off of course!)



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