Monday, February 06, 2006

Mix Tape #17 - In Love with Lyrics

I was going to post links to all of the lyrics since that is why they are on here, but not right now. Maybe later when I am feeling more ambitious. For now, you all know how to google if you are curious.

(I picked these songs based solely on the fact that I have loved the words at *different times in my life, for one reason or another, and I always will. *Keep in mind I was VERY young when I was in love with a few of these.)

Cemetery Song- Jon Auer
Not Dark Yet- Bob Dylan
We Used To Be Friends- The Dandy Warhols
Anything Anything (I'll Give You) - Dramarama
Mental- Eels
Hurt a Fly- Built to Spill
Above You, Below Me- Badly Drawn Boy
The Luckiest- Ben Folds
In My Life- The Beatles
These Foolish Things- Billie Holiday
No More Drama- Mary J. Blige
I Want You- Elvis Costello
A Letter To Elise- The Cure
My Favourite Game- The Cardigans
Tiny Vessels- Death Cab For Cutie
Cold Snap- Harvey Danger
Have You Forgotten- Red House Painters
Waltz #2 (XO) - Elliott Smith
Greetings in Braille-The Elected
Limp- Fiona Apple
Honey and The Moon- Joseph Arthur
New Girl- The Long Winters
Legendary- Lou Barlow
His Indie World- Mary Lou Lord
Sick of Myself- Matthew Sweet
Polly- Nirvana
Something I Can Never Have- Nine Inch Nails
Sour Times- Portishead
Golden Blunders- The Posies
There You Go- Pink
Wedding Day- Rosie Thomas
Kathy's Song- Simon & Garfunkel
Turn The Page- Bob Seger (This one is my dad's fault)
Fallen For You- Sheila Nicholls
Strong Enough- Sheryl Crow
I Was Wrong- The Sisters of Mercy
I Can Feel It- Sloan
Shoop- Salt n Pepa
Please, Please, Please, Let me get what I want- The Smiths
With You- Tube Top
Kiss Off- Violent Femmes
Baby Bitch- Ween
Stations- Denison Witmer


Earl said...

That's a great mix! I recently made this one for work. We have a closed-circuit tv network on which we play music sometimes...and there is a rule against swearing and certain subject matters (ignorance is bliss - what they don't know can't hurt them). We have a few songs in common:

Goodness “Sincerely”
Jimmy Falon “Idiot Boyfriend”
Johnny Cash and June Carter “Jackson”
Limbeck “People Don’t Change”
Pearl Jam “Yellow Ledbetter”
Phish “Farmhouse”
Presidents of the United States of America “Supermodel”
The Cure “Just Like Heaven”
The Beatles “We Can Work it Out”
Sean Lennon “Into the Sun”
The Beach Boys “God Only Knows”
The Posies “Golden Blunders”
The Steve Miller Band “Take the Money and Run”
Nathan Hamilton “Let it Lie”
The Smiths “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”
Depeche Mode “Everything Counts” [live]
Harvey Danger “Little Round Mirrors”

Michelle Auer said...

Oh man! I forgot Depeche Mode on mine! How I did that I do not know! Goodness had one song that was accoustic at the end of a record that I really liked but I have no idea what it was called.


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