Thursday, January 12, 2006

You are always leaving...

It feels like he just got home. This seriously was the shortest three weeks ever.
The upside is since New Years Eve we have been back in that warm Honeymoon phase that even after all of these years we always manage to find. I can't imagine there ever being another person out there in the world that I should/could be with. There isn't another man out there who could understand/know me better, deal with my idiosyncrasies with more charm, or that I could possibly love more.
I hate when he leaves on a work day. He always walks me to the door and kisses me goodbye. He stands in the doorway while I walk away. I look back, he waves. Eventually I hear the door close and the world gets cold again.


Laura said...

*stuffs face with chocolate*

*takes a swig of vodka*


i want to find my Someone. meanwhile, i bought a shirt yesterday that says "valentine's day stinks."

phoebe marie said...


i want to find my someone, too.

and i have to tell you - on days that i feel like there really is no hope in the world... i look at your blog and see that it is possible.

you guys are beautiful.


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