Monday, January 30, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

It is rare that any TV drama will actually bring me to tears. If I am watching the news about orphans in other countries or those Operation Smile things, or Animal Rescue, sure. That real life stuff that has to do with children or animals will get me every time, but not regular programming.
Last night I was watching my new favorite Sunday night guilty pleasure Grey's Anatomy.
I think growing up in a house with a nurse and spending a lot of time in hospitals when I was brought to work has made me partial to medical shows. It started with St Elsewhere and then it moved on to ER. I love any and all of the reality operation shows as well. I have even been know to watch the live surgery on the UW channel (Which will forever gross out my child and my husband.) I just love hospitals and shows about hospitals. People are always nice in hospitals. Sick people are oddly peaceful. People both come into the world and leave the world there on a regular basis. I find myself drawn to it.
Well, last night G.A. had this old lady on hospice who was slowly dying with her friends and loved ones around her. Something in how they shot the scene reminded me of sitting bedside watching my Granparents pass away. By the time the credits rolled I was having quite the cry. It was so hard to watch! (Much in the same way I can't listen to Harvey Danger do Jack The Lion. It breaks my heart! It doesn't help that my Grandfather's name was Jack either.)

I really like Grey's Anatomy, even more than I like ER these days. It is some good made for TV drama with smart humor mixed in. And Dr McDreamy totally kicks Dr Kovach's booty in the easy on the eyes department any day!


teresa said...

I really like GA to, although I missed this last weeks episode.

Your post reminds me of when I was first coming to terms with my mom's Alzheimers, and I watched a episode of ER where there was a old man dying. I cryed so hard! It brought
up those emotions...that still happens. It was quite embarassing the first time I saw the Notebook...

Sometimes I think movies, and t.v. shows can open up area's in our emotions more easily than anything else.

You make me wish I could watch GA right now!!

Michelle Auer said...

I think that tapping into emotions is why most of us listen to music or are draw to certain art. I guess it just sneaks up and surprises me when it is Must See TV that is responsible! Haha!

AndyP (Seattle, WA) said...

I love the Greys Anatomy as well. Of course Izzie would be the fav. I have one small bone to pick about that show...Hey kids, they blew the Kingdome up about 5 years ago, please stop showing current Seattle with the Kingdome in the background...also, it is hard to believe that Dr. McDreamy is the same guy from "Can't Buy Me Love"!

Shawn Anderson said...

It also thunderstorms on the show constantly... somebody inform L.A. that those thunderstorms are rare here!

GA picked the best time have cliff-hanger (and a steamy shower scene,) putting it after the Super Bowl, now they're getting more then just the Desperate Housewives watchers.

Michelle Auer said...

I sure hope so! I would love to see the show last a long while!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I stumbled across your wonderful little blog and while reading saw that you are a Grey's Anatomy fan. I run a small fansite and was hoping I could get a link to my site from your blog (maybe switch out the link to the official site if its not too much trouble?).

I would be so incredibly grateful.

I'd love to hear back if you get the chance. I know you are probably really busy and this isn't high on your list.

P.S. Keep on bloggin'!



Michelle Auer said...

not a problem! Link switched out. Cool site!


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