Friday, October 07, 2005

Guitar go boom!

Jon just called me and told me he accidentally totalled his guitar, just happens to be the guitar I gave him for Christmas last year. He said he threw it up, he went to catch it and missed, it hit the floor and he thought, "Oh god, my wife is going to kill me." So he decided since it was already broke, he would go all rock star on it and obliterate it.

Oh well, boys will be boys. Maybe next Christmas I will buy him a neck tie.

Epiphone RIP


Sloop said...

Hilarious and sad. At least the Epiphone went out in style.

Earl said...

That sucks! Maybe start a pledge drive to replace it? I'll pledge $20.

Michelle Auer said...

That is a sweet thought, but I would say use your $20 to go see the shows and he will replace it soon enough that way! :-)

Earl said... it "the dot" model Epiphone? Checking my pics from the Tempe show, that's what it looks like but I'm no expert.

Michelle Auer said...

Yup, he said he is going to have it replaced by Gibson in the coming days, so all is well.

Earl said...

It's nice when there is a happy ending.

phoebe marie said...

i'm exhausting my resources asking around about anyone having pictures. obviously, i will let you know if i find anything at all.
xxo, p.

Shawn Anderson said...

this is the guitar, correct?


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