Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Can You Hear It?

EVERY KIND OF LIGHT is in stores today! Woohoo! Many congrats my love!
Now everyone go out and get a copy carn it!

I even wore my "I Heart Jon Auer" shirt to work today in celebration!


Sloop said...

I'm so psyched! I've waited like 7 years for this album. I'm getting it on the way home from work today.

Michelle Auer said...

So what do you think? If you hate it, I don't wanna know, but otherwise. :-) heehee

Sloop said...

I really like it! I ended up getting it from the iTunes music store, since Tower Records wanted $18 (!) for it. I listened to it 2 times through on the stereo, then played my drums along with it one time through. It shows a good variety of styles and definitely has some qualities not found on previous Posies albums, such as a piano-driven song and a blues song, as well as the modern groovy opener. I'm still learning the names of the new songs, so I can't be more specific. I also must say that I'm very happy with the recording quality. The drum tones seem to be a notch up from those on "Success". Tell yer hubby "Well done" from a long-time Posies fan in Portland!

Shawn Anderson said...

I'm liking it a lot as well... I pre-ordered it a long time ago from notlamerecords.com but it has yet to arrive. Thank goodness it's been in Rhapsody.

I'm also eagerly anticipating the Big Star release in late August (or September if it gets pushed back as rumored.) Jon's solo album as well... early 2006, right? Finally get to hear his masterpiece.


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