Friday, June 03, 2005


I must admit that ever since I discovered I have been doing really random searches and lurking in all kinds of Blogs.

I love to get a glimpse into other peoples thoughts. I love my journal because it is connected to all of my friends and I always know what to expect. But my Blog is more out there, disconnected and random so I never know who I will meet. Pretty cool I think.

Very excited that the new Posies record will be out in a few weeks! I could not be more proud of them. I am so happy that my husband is in a band with such a great group of guys. They just feel like family. I am so excited for all of them!
Now they have new management which I think will help take them to the next level. It is the folks who manage the band The Killers and I swear I hear those guys everywhere right now! If they could do even a smidgen of that for this record, it could mean really good things. I am sitting on my hands trying not to jinx it by getting too excited!

I stopped by the bakery this morning to get doughnuts to bring to the office on my way to work today and I must admit I left empty handed. I stood there for a full four minutes looking at them all glazed and shiny in their case. I knew they were fresh, and probably tasted heavenly, but something about them just struck me as disgusting. I could not bring myself to touch them or buy them. I walked out empty handed. I dig this new aversion to sugar, must have something to do with the drugs I am on messing with my insulin. But hey, in the past I would have found it hard to pass up a doughnut, now I can't even consider buying one!

Michelle- 1
Doughnuts- 0



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