Friday, May 20, 2005

They do it all the time...

It is such a Violent Femmes kind of day. I bought their self titled record probably 6 times now and to date I do not own a copy. It is always being either lost or lifted by friends. It is just one of those records. luckily today one of my co-workers has it up on his I-tunes, so I have been able to rock out to this long lost favorite while I am wading through this long Friday on little to no sleep.

We had cake for someone's birthday which is always a treat. I had a small slice that was not small enough as it is now sitting in my stomach like a bag of chocolate flavored bricks.

How do you measure your own personal successes? Would you consider yourself a successful person? How do you define yourself?

I have a desire to leave all things uncompleted. If you don't finish it, they can't judge you for it.

Who are they anyhow and why don't they just all kiss off into the air?



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