Sunday, August 08, 2004

A note from Spain...

Well we are in Spain, so far so good.
It has actually been pretty great. We walked around so much yesterday my poor feet are killing me. The dowsides..
Well, our luggage seems to be taking holiday in Amsterdam still so last night we hit the mall and bought some new clothes, it is like 90 degrees and I have no interest in wearing the same clothes, especially undies for three days! GROSS!
So in the mean time, we bought stuff and are hoping our luggage shows today. It has been interesting roughing it. I didn't bring any make up onthe plane with me so I have been going without, something I can't say I have done in ten years, it is weird, I feel naked, also both Jon and I packed our contacts and wore our glasses, so needless to say we are a VERY glam couple the last few days! haha!
Everyone seems really nice. They either speak enough English or us enough Spanish to make due.

The computer in the hotel is SLOWER than snail snot, so that sucks!

The hotel breakfast buffet is the bomb!
Yesterday I went to a cathedral and cried because it was so beautiful then I went and met Picasso's work up close and in person. I touched his brush stroke, even though you really are not supposed to, but now I can say I have. It was moving, and inspiring. I bought a print of my favorite peice.

Today we are going to catch a train and go to the Dali museum. Hopefully our luggage is also enjoying it's holiday! Maybe it will decide to join us today?



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