Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The flight to New York

Well our trip to New York started with leaving Barcelona and that one day adventure deserves a story all of it's own.
The flight from Barcelona to Amsterdam was great, everything went smoothly; the people were nice, we pretty much relaxed and enjoyed our short flight.

When we reached Amsterdam is when it all started. We only had 40 minutes to get through passport control and from one end of the AP to the other. This would have not been such a big deal if at every one of those escalator type ground thingies that you are supposed to use to help you go faster, people didn’t have their ENTIRE families spread wide across them and would not let us through.

In fact one guy got so mad that Jon pushed his way through that he practically close lined me after him and it took quite a bit of convincing in several broken languages to get him to step aside. Even though it CLEARLY reads that if you are standing you stand to one side, in all sorts of languages.

Then we get to the gate and the plane is delayed 2 hours. Wonderful, so we decide that after a week of food that we were not totally used to a McDonalds burger is sounding quite yummy all of a sudden.

We go up to order and the guy who I was ordering from was totally rude and then just sort of danced around for ten minutes and got my order all wrong. Also, they charge 35 cents per Ketchup pack there. For those of us who love the stuff, that is pretty steep!

This would have not bothered me so much if it was not for what happened next.

After we get finished eating, I decide to use the restroom before we head back to our terminal. Jon says he wants to look in the wine shop. So I head over on my own.
Some guy who looked like he was an Airport cleaning person was just finishing up cleaning the bathrooms and was on his way out with his trolly when I was heading in.
He said, “Hello Lady.” In a thick accent and turned around and followed me back into the restroom.
They had pretty private doors, and while in Spain I got pretty used to the men being in the ladies washroom for hand washing, so I didn’t think too much of it.
When I stepped out of the stall to wash my hands, he was sitting on a bench waiting. I walk over to wash my hands and he starts to spritz the Windex with his spray bottle in my direction and says, “Oooh, sexy sexy …” spray spray, “You are sexy sexy..”

I rushed out and told Jon. It sort of turned into our running joke for the rest of the trip. It totally gave me the creeps though.

Then we were placed behind the rudest family of freaks ever on the VERY long flight from Amsterdam to New York. Jon described them as “Just some people should never reproduce” and that was about it.
These people were horrible and rude and loud and literally complained about EVERYTHING to the stewardess. It makes me tense just thinking about it so I won’t go into it, let’s just say, it was unpleasant.

Jon assures me that Amsterdam is nothing like our whole bad AP experience and that I should not let it color my opinion.

On a good note- I did buy some really great Siroopkoeken there. I have decided any country that can make these MUST be a great place! I only wish they sold them here, we are absolutely addicted and only have a few left. I will have to find a place we can order them online!



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