Friday, February 17, 2012

You give love a bad name...

Man, there is nothing that gets me more riled up than women who do things that make the rest of us ladies look bad. Excuse me while I prepare to get up on my soapbox for a few minutes, but I need to get this off of my chest.

1- The Girl Who Cried Wolf: You have all met her at least once in high school, and some of us have had the unfortunate luck to meet her in our adult life as well. You know the girl. The one who got drunk at the party and cheated on her boyfriend and then sobered up, felt bad about it and claimed it was non-consensual. Don't get me wrong, date rape is real, and so is domestic violence, but there are women who totally take advantage of these laws when they are not victims. In fact they use these laws that were set up to protect women, and try to victimize men with them when they are feeling like they are not getting their way.
I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of women going into jealous rages, throwing things at their boyfriends, having a full scale out of control tantrum, screaming at them and carrying on, and then, if he responds with one negative word, she dials up to the police and claims she is the victim. By taking advantage of these laws in this way, these women are basically directly abusing the women these laws were set up to protect. The girls who cry wolf and clog up the legal system with false accusations are worst than the real abusers and rapists, because their lies are making it easier for the actual criminals to get away with it. You disgust me.

2- "Don't blame me, it is in my blood. I'm just a fiery..."- I don't care what culture you come from, it is not an excuse to act like a jackass. I hear too many women use that as an excuse to justify their poor behavior.
No, it is not because you are a fiery Brazilian, Italian, Latina, Redhead, New Yorker, etc etc, it is because you are an immature jerk and you have no manners. You need therapy, not excuses. You can be passionate, and have a lot of fire, but that does not translate to an excuse for bad behavior. Pouting and tantrums are for two year olds, not for grown women. Grow up and quit insulting the proud ladies from your entire culture by trying to use them as an excuse.

3- "But he has so much potential."- Smart, attractive women who meet the biggest jerk in the world and allow him to treat her like a cheap Ikea Doormat. All with the excuse of, "But in the beginning he was soooooooo great!"
Listen ladies, any guy can be charming for a short period of time. It is called the Honeymoon period. Hell, I bet even some of the worlds worst criminals and dictators could probably have been charming for 3 weeks. So many women waste years and years trying to recapture those first three weeks.
Here is the deal, if you have had more than three major fights and broken up AT ALL in the first 9 months of your relationship, your relationship is doomed to fail, please just do everyone a favor and move on and quit whining to your girlfriends about it. We don't want to hear it. Because we all know what you are too blind to accept, you guys suck together, and we are all just waiting for you to break up for good.

4- The "I'm so wasted" mating call- Luckily, I have not met one of these in my group of friends in years and years, but whenever I go to a rock show, there is always one slumping around the bar. This is the girl who goes out of her way to get as wasted as quickly as humanly possible and then starts hanging all over everyone within arms reach. She is too loud, her lipstick is smeared and she laughs at all of her own jokes. There are usually a slew of creeps helping hold her up and she is making out with just about everyone. If she doesn't end up going home with someone that night, she can usually be found sprawled across the floor of the one working bathroom stall in the ladies room.

5- The Golden Uterus- This is the mother of all evil. I only found this term this last year. I have known these women exist, and have seen them a million times, but I had no idea there is actually a term that describes their abusive bad parenting so perfectly.
Women who have babies so they have a man to pay their way for the next 18 years.
I have never gone after child support. I raised my kid without expecting anything from anyone for the last 17 years and have never regretted it. When I see these women who put themselves before their children, who think that having a baby is tantamount to a free ride and an excuse not to work, they sicken me. This article pretty much says it all.
These women are the reason 20 year old men are rushing out to get a vasectomy, and I do not blame them.


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